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Organic philosophy in Franciacorta according ti us

Celebrating life with an authentic wine

All Terre d’Aenòr wines are certified organic Franciacorta products, produced exclusively with Terre d’Aenòr grapes, cultivated in Franciacorta without the use of chemical or synthetic substances. Our organic philosophy celebrates both life and the vine inside a glass.


For Franciacorta

An informed choice to better protect and conserve our territory as well as contributing to its sustainable development, coherent with the demands of the younger generations.


For the land

Our organic philosophy protects the environment. We embrace an organic wine production process to preserve the bio-diversity and microorganisms which are useful for the natural chemical processes in the soil.


For our consumers

Terre d’Aenòr represents Franciacorta through the sensorial characteristics that define our wines. For example the richness of colour and the complex tastes and aromas.

Pride in organic certification


All Terre d’Aenòr wines are certified as 100% organic. For us the certification is important as it recognizes our scrupulous respect for the rules and the agronomic techniques laid out in the European regulations regarding organic production.

We are proud to share with you the analysis carried out by Valoritalia, who is responsible for verifying that our wines are without chemical or synthetic substances such as pesticides and insecticides. This is a tangible result of our hard work and dedication, emphasizing the natural quality of our grapes whilst adhering to our principle objective of creating a genuine, quality product.

We know very well that a good organic production is both the result of a vineyard living in harmony with all the natural elements, as well as the constant training and development of qualified personnel. In addition, there is a continuing undertaking to improve upon previous years.

Our organic wine production, from the land to the cellar

Behind a Terre d’Aenòr organic wine there are no tricks or shortcuts. Only a complex process taking place in many different steps, which are managed with the maximum attention and care.


The pruning is carried out exclusively by our trained team. We leave the buds necessary for the production, while identifying plants with possible pathologies. Using specific techniques we avoid the spread of these pathologies and parasites to the healthy vines, promoting a plot which is healthy with vines that can enjoy a long life.


A sample of grapes is taken to judge the quality of each individual plot and help decide the best moment to harvest. The harvesting is carried out by hand using small 15 Kg cases in order to guarantee the integrity of the fruit.


Controlling the growth of the grass allows for an effective maintenance of the soil structure, as well as increasing the presence of numerous species of insects and microorganisms. Some of these insects are very useful for defending the vine. This practice also naturally increases the production of organic substances, intensifying the microorganisms’ biological activity in the soil, transforming the organic substances into humus and then mineral substances beneficial for the vines.


We protect the plants through the use of homeopathic doses of copper and sulfur as well as agronomic practices with zero environmental impact. Elicitori which are natural substances are used to stimulate the plant’s protective defense mechanism (in a similar way to how a vaccine works).


The grapes are gently pressed and during the vinification process we only use physical methods and technologically advanced instruments, without chemical substances, to allow spontaneous sedimentation. The temperature is constantly monitored and analytical and sensorial checks are carried out at each individual stage of the process.

A good and healthy wine starts from the grapes. Using our experience and understanding of our plots and their ecosystems we are able to make informed choices, in order to help us strive for the best quality possible.

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