A wine synonymous with desire

Our Franciacorta wines begin to weave their spell in front of your eyes. They entice you to taste them, captivating your senses in a refined game of seduction.

After opening the bottle, you are pulled into an exhilarating, genuine world of unique fragrances and nuances, unchanging like a cherished promise. Tasting the wine is a pleasurable experience due to their fresh personality, in addition to being elegant and full of passion. They put everyone at ease in a natural way thanks to a totally organic winemaking process.

We get to the heart of the game of seduction after the first glass. Terre d’Aenòr Franciacorta wines create a natural desire, satisfy your senses and invite you to have another sip.

Genuinity, pleasantness, desire. These are the recurring sensations that surprise and delight even the most seasoned of palates.

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Franciacorta organic wines


Extra Brut

Desire in a new shape

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A land to explore

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Joy repackaged

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Wine tasting in Franciacorta

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