Franciacorta Millesimato

Extra Brut

Desire in a new shape


Have you ever seen bubbles dancing? It’s a performance that enchants us every time we uncork a bottle of Terre d’Aenòr Extra Brut and pour into a glass. That’s where the magic happens, a fine and lingering bead comes to life like whirling stardust emitting the purest bubbly essence.

Terre d’Aenòr Extra Brut has a structured, elegant, fresh and delicate personality. It caresses and seduces your palate with fragrant, floral, ambrosial notes of citrus and tropical fruits. The perfect all-round wine. Bright straw-yellow in colour, it’s distinguishable from our Brut by its higher sapidity, dryness and acidity.

Crystalline purity

Intimate seduction

Powder of the sublime

Intense persistence

Organic wine




80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot noir




Straw-yellow with golden highlights


Floral, fruity (peach, green apple and almond) and fragrant (baked bread and yeast)

Serving temperature


Excellent with... aperitif, it goes with cheese, first courses and meat dishes

This one’s for you if... are looking for a wine with a striking and fascinating personality able to enchant you one sip at a time, perfectly accompanying every course.

Extra Brut is a seducing and caressing dance. A whisper, a delicate touch, an intriguing and penetrating look that remains with you.

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