Terre d'Aenòr

The pride of Franciacorta

Franciacorta is a 250 kilometer squared area nestled between Lake Iseo and the city of Brescia, but for those who live there this geographical definition doesn’t tell the full story. A region with an enormous potential, Franciacorta has been synonymous with sparkling wines for over half a century. Furthermore, it’s one of the areas in Italy with the highest production of wine following traditional methods.

This precise location gave life to our winery, coming from soil beyond the ability of even the very best of alchemists. The quality of the soil in the Morainic Hills is the result of several glaciations and stratifications of limestone, gravel, sand, clay and flint. These conditions provide a veritable symphony of abundance for the vines, that we rely on completely for the production of our wine Terre d’Aenòr.

Our brand represents our values: devotion, pride and ambition. We strive to make a Franciacorta sparkling wine which faithfully embodies its territory.


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The vineyards

A rich tapestry of vineyards and vines which express the excellence of Franciacorta.

Discover Terre d’Aenòr, hectare by hectare.

Social and cultural connections

We are both a wine cellar and an experiential place. We nurture relationships with food, art and people.

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The Brand

Our logo is the essence of our brand. It tells a story that leaves an indelible mark and resides in our memory.

Our identity

The project

More than just a winery, Terre d’Aenòr is a living homage to the Franciacorta legacy.

Our project

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