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Opening up to others, opening up to art

Reimagining the wine cellar concept, turning wine into a welcoming experience

With the creation of Terre d’Aenòr we quickly felt the urge to go beyond the standard wine tasting scenario in order to achieve something conceptual and compelling.

After all, this project was never just about making wine. We realized that the bottle was nothing more than a starting point from which to broaden our vision, to renew the concept of the winery and to make it a place for human connections. For us, the wine cellar is meant to become a destination you set on your satnav and share with loved ones.

Winemaking could seem like a simple process. However, setting in motion an experience that brings people, Franciacorta and wine together is something else entirely. It is a revolution.

For us a winery is a place of relationships, filled with people and inspirations. A melting pot of artistic ideas and influences coming from different cultural spheres, both near and far, enriching the world of wine.

Amongst our inspirations, Dadamaino holds a place of honour. Her geometric works and pieces create the idea of dynamic movement, iconic lines, innovative visual sensations and perceptions pervading our imagination.

Furthermore we have the inspiration for our feminine vision, which forms the cornerstone of our vineyard. Namely Mother Earth’s intimate embrace of the roots, their growth and their fruit. Soil as a source of life and divine expression is found in an iconic image: The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, a painting symbolizing nature’s invigorating energy and driving force.

With our sparkling wines we want to foster a pleasant sense of lightness. The aim of our winery is to conquer your heart and emotions.

Eleonora Bianchi

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More than just a winery, Terre d’Aenòr is a living homage to the Franciacorta legacy.

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