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5 must-see things in Franciacorta!

Franciacorta is a very special territory. It is sandwiched between lake Iseo to the North and Monte Orfano to the South (near Rovato), with Brescia a few km’s to its East.

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Winter in the vineyard – what happens in the wine cellar?

When one thinks of the wine cellar one thinks of the hustle and bustle of the harvest period. What most people don’t realize is that the magic continues even when the wine has finished its first fermentation phase. Following on from our article dedicated to the vineyard in winter, we have asked our technical director Ermes Vianelli to tell us what happens in the wine cellar in winter.

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What’s the difference between Brut and Extra Brut?

We can call them “non-identical twins”: in Franciacorta Brut and Extra Brut are two very similar types of sparkling wine but with some significant differences. In this article we have asked Ermes Vianelli, our technical director, to explain to us the main differences between Brut and Extra Brut and their principal characteristics.

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Prosecco and Franciacorta: What are the main differences?

Prosecco and Franciacorta have always been synonymous with sparkling wine, joyful occasions and toasting special moments. Representing true Italian excellence, they always make an appearance for special occasions and parties. Whilst often grouped together, in reality they have different characteristics which are worth exploring in greater detail.

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Experience Terre d’Aenòr through art, wellness and wine tastin.

If you are thinking of visiting a Franciacorta wine cellar and are looking for something a little bit different from the classic tasting session, you should come to Terre d’Aenòr, located in the small brescian village of Provaglio d’Iseo.

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Sparkling wines at Christmas: bon ton tips to celebrate with class.

The Christmas period is almost upon us again. For us at Terre d’Aenòr Christmas means traditions with a modern twist. We have chosen a theme that never goes out of fashion: bon ton, applying it with a personal touch. The Christmas spirit includes adhering to good manners that help make the celebration more precious and memorable.

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Winter in the vineyard – the work during the cold season

Normally when we think about the vines in the vineyard we imagine a scene full of life, flowers and fruit. What most people don’t realize is that also in winter, even when the temperature is very low, the life of the vine continues in secret, with the expert help of our team. We have asked Ermes Vianelli, our technical director, to tell us more.

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Franciacorta – the origin of the name and the history of both the territory and the sparkling wine

At times speaking about a region and its fruit can be a question of the masculine and feminine articles. The feminine article “la Franciacorta” is used to refer to the hilly area between Bergamo and Brescia which is covered with vineyards. Instead, the masculine article “il Franciacorta” refers to the wine which has undergone the second fermentation process inside the bottle. Let’s explore the story behind the world-famous name Franciacorta, which Terre d’Aenòr feels proud to represent with its products.

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Wine tasting in Franciacorta

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