5 must-see things in Franciacorta!

Franciacorta is a very special territory. It is sandwiched between lake Iseo to the North and Monte Orfano to the South (near Rovato), with Brescia a few km’s to its East.

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It is a 250 kilometer squared area, surrounded by the Morainic hills, full of history, art, beauty, landscapes, wine and good food that transport you to a place of peace and well-being.

From early Spring until late Autumn, Franciacorta offers unique moments. The constantly changing landscape provides a reason to visit Franciacorta again and again.

Here are 5 things you absolutely must see/do in Franciacorta.


Explore Torbiere del Sebino nature reserve.

The nature reserve features a large protected area including a body of water to be explored using the raised walk-ways. Immerse yourself totally in the nature and discover a rich eco-system of animals and plants.
The paths, mainly created by the passing of people over time, lead you through little canals and lakes in a unique landscape.

The story of “Torbiere del Sebino” goes back to the extraction of peat, a fossil fuel similar to carbon, which took place from the beginning of 1700 until the middle of the last century.
The peat was extracted manually by the bare-foot workers, leaving spaces for the water to fill, creating these beautiful lakes and canals.
This wonderful reserve offers 3 different paths, flat and suitable for all, giving unforgettable glimpses of nature.


Iseo: the lake and the village.

Lake Iseo, also called Sebino, is an enchanting place, thanks to the intensely deep blue water surrounded by steep green slopes. It is an ideal location for anybody searching for relaxation and tranquility.

In reality, Iseo is not only a beautiful natural landscape, but it is also a collection of typical small villages, beaches, gastronomic delights and beautiful walks.
Iseo is the most important village. Why not enter the village to discover its medieval heart with many narrow streets, old buildings and unforgettable squares? Be warned though, you will fall in love with the place!


Lose yourself amongst the rooms and paintings of the San Pietro in Lamosa monastery.

Constructed on top of the rocky hill, overlooking Torbiere, the S.Pietro monastery is one of the oldest buildings of the Cluniac order of monks and is the only recognizable example found in Sebino.

Today, inside the church, it is still possible to see the rich painted decoration depicting amongst other-things the annunciation to the blessed Virgin Mary, dating back to 1100. Exploring the rooms and spaces of the Monastery will surely transport you back in time.


Book a wine tasting session in a wine cellar in Franciacorta.

You cannot afford to visit Franciacorta without tasting its world-famous wine.
Why not visit a wine cellar and let the experts lead you through a tasting experience full of the aromas and flavours of the territory?

We would be honored to host you here at Terre d’Aenòr!
Simply book an appointment to visit our wine cellar and taste our selection of wines.


Take a selfie on the gigantic bench at Pilzone d’Iseo and enjoy the breathtaking panorama.

If you pass by the Eastern flank of the lake, near the edge of Franciacorta, you must take a selfie on the “Big Bench” at Pilzone d’Iseo.

It is located in San Fermo at an altitude of 490 meters, offering breathtaking views of Sebino and Monte isola. Its installation was part of an international project aiming to add value to local territories, started by the american artist and designer Chris Bangle.


Other things to do.

Watch motorsport at the Franciacorta racing circuit or alternatively pamper yourself with a bit of retail therapy in the numerous shops at the Franciacorta Outlet Village, located in Rodengo Saiano.

This is only a brief snap-shot of what Franciacorta has to offer. If you are curious or are falling in love with Franciacorta, now is the time to plan your visit and come and discover this magnificent territory!

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