Sparkling wines at Christmas: bon ton tips to celebrate with class.

The Christmas period is almost upon us again. For us at Terre d’Aenòr Christmas means traditions with a modern twist. We have chosen a theme that never goes out of fashion: bon ton, applying it with a personal touch. The Christmas spirit includes adhering to good manners that help make the celebration more precious and memorable.

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We are convinced that good manners never go out of style, just like sparkling wines. They are ways of showing care and respect to those around us. We have matched our four wines to an unconventional etiquette guide, each one highlighting a specific tip. Let the dance begin!


Brut Terre d’Aenòr’s guide to decorating the Christmas dining table.

The best way to start our Christmas tips is with our Brut. Its golden label indicates the best colours you can use for the decoration of the table.

Christmas has a precise colour scheme, using gold, green, red, white and silver which form a traditional guide. Brut Terre d’Aenòr inspires a ‘total gold’ look to decorate the house, tree and of course the table. The key is to be classy, leaving glitters, snowflakes and christmas jumpers to the evenings with friends.


Satèn Ricciolina Terre d’Aenòr’s guide to smartphones at Christmas.

Our Satèn Ricciolina Terre d’Aenòr prompts us to explore how bon ton defines modern themes such as the smartphone at Christmas. Feeling carefree is almost guaranteed during the festive season and if you want to always behave in the right way then this tip is for you.

Do you want to send Christmas greeting messages? You should know that group messages and forwarding ones are not very classy! Instead choose a personalized message and click send without thinking twice. Surely the recipient will appreciate it! And what about Christmas lunch? Ban all devices from the table until the toast. That is the moment to let your creativity run wild with selfies and videos, naturally helped by our Satèn Ricciolina Terre d’Aenòr.


Extra Brut Terre d’Aenòr’s guide to unwrapping Christmas gifts.

Now let’s address a typical Christmas theme: presents! What could be a better guide than our Extra Brut, the embodiment of elegance and refinement, helping you become the perfect host?

Christmas is a crazy and frenetic period especially regarding presents. Do you know the correct way to behave when you receive a gift from one of your guests? Good manners dictate that you open it in front of the giver before or after dessert. However, if you are one of those people who likes to put the gifts under the Christmas tree and wait until Christmas day to open them, what better way to thank them than with a toast of Extra Brut Terre d’Aenòr?


Rosé Terre d’Aenòr’s guide to the perfect toast.

We have almost reached the end of our journey exploring Bon ton over the Christmas period. Now we will consider the climax of the festivities – the toast. We hope that you will enjoy many of them with our Rosé so let’s have a look at how to perfect the art.

Full of festive spirit and with an open bottle of Rosé Terre d’Aenòr, toasts naturally are enthusiastic – sometimes too much! The perfect toast is conducted by the host, who, in the case of a speech, must be standing. Participants make eye contact with each other but without touching glasses. On the subject of glasses, which ones should you use? Flutes are the perfect match for our Rosé Terre d’Aenòr. Last thing: never say “cheers”!


Celebrate Christmas with Terre d’Aenòr.

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