Grooves for a wild weekend. Terre d’Aenòr Rosé’s experimental music playlist.

Terre d’Aenòr announces itself on Spotify with 4 themed playlists, each one to be experienced. Grooves for a wild weekend is the title of the experimental music playlist dedicated to our Rosé, perfect for a journey into a new and fascinating world.

There are personalities that refuse to be tied down to a definition, wild spirits constantly searching for adventure and mystery, even if only for a weekend, just like our Terre d’Aenòr Rosé.

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Our choice of music

This playlist includes tracks by Hot Chip, Calibro 35, Bat for Lashes and LCD Soundsystem amongst others. An eclectic mix passing through funk, hip-hop and reaching the rockiest sounding parts of electronic music, which matches the no-limits personality of our Terre d’Aenòr Rosé.


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