Franciacorta Demi Sec

A sweet embrace


Let our Franciacorta Terre d’Aenòr Demi Sec take you on a journey floating through the clouds. Be enveloped by its “softness” as you tip-toe along an inviting and perfumed surface.

Our Terre d’Aenòr Demi Sec is the perfect pairing for every type of dessert from cream-filled pastries to a mouth-watering macaron or even a delicious fruit salad. It is immediately recognizable by its incredible harmony and eclectic balance and has the capacity to surprise even the most demanding of palates as it provides a perfect conclusion to the meal. It is the cherry on the cake.

Soft fantasies

Mouth-watering temptations

Freedom without limits

Breathtaking softness

Organic Franciacorta




90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot noir

Alcoholic content



Straw yellow


Fruity (peach and cream) and fragrant (pastries))

Serving temperature

8 degrees

Pair with…

...cheeses with jam but above all desserts such as pastries, fruit tarts, cakes and even panettone, pandoro or colomba

Why should you choose it?

If you want to elevate a special moment and surprise the guests or if you are the type of person who pays careful attention to finding the ideal partner for every dessert.

Demi-Sec conquers with its delicate and pleasant aromas. Immerse yourself in its festive atmosphere.

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