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30 years of Satèn. Its story and the origin of its name

Franciacorta Satèn is a very young wine. It has been around for just over 30 years and the origin of the name Satèn is a fascinating story that deserves to be retold. Let’s take a look together and get to know our Satèn Ricciolina Terre d’Aenòr better.

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Franciacorta – the origin of the name and the history of both the territory and the sparkling wine

At times speaking about a region and its fruit can be a question of the masculine and feminine articles. The feminine article “la Franciacorta” is used to refer to the hilly area between Bergamo and Brescia which is covered with vineyards. Instead, the masculine article “il Franciacorta” refers to the wine which has undergone the second fermentation process inside the bottle. Let’s explore the story behind the world-famous name Franciacorta, which Terre d’Aenòr feels proud to represent with its products.

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The youth revolution in Franciacorta: Eleonora Bianchi’s story about Terre d’Aenòr

What would happen if you decided to change your life and chose to lead a winery in Franciacorta at just 25 years old? The account you are about to read is that of the founder of Terre d’Aenòr, Eleonora Bianchi, who has embraced a new and stimulating challenge of working in the wine sector, much like many of her peers. In fact, recent research shows a growing trend amongst graduated under 35s, who have decided to work in agriculture and in particular in the wine sector. Let Eleonora tell you her story.

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