Carefree nights out. Terre d’Aenòr Satèn’s pop playlist.

Terre d’Aenòr announces itself on Spotify with 4 themed playlists, each one to be experienced. Carefree nights out is the title of the electro pop playlist dedicated to our Satèn. The perfect partner for enchanting nights.

The late night hours are like a colourful merry-go-round moving to the pleasant rhythm of electro pop music with a strong dreamlike spirit, just like our Terre d’Aenòr Satèn.

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Our choice of music

This playlist includes tracks by The Weeknd, Metronomy, L’imperatrice and Washed Out amongst others. A soothing, magical and visionary synth-pop which pairs perfectly with our Terre d’Aenòr Satèn, a real-life dream.


Discover the enchantment of our Terre d’Aenòr Satèn


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