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A challenge and a promise

A return to the land and its traditions more than a new beginning.

A home is always built upon a solid base. When we started to lay the foundations for Terre d’Aenòr, we identified some essential values. Firstly, to make a top quality wine that would take its place in the historical Franciacorta traditions. Secondly, to avoid any compromises, unnatural treatments and shortcuts in the wine making process. Lastly, to maintain our natural inclination to enhance the natural value of the land.

The answer was to be found right there, between the lines and the rows of the vineyard. Organic, a simple word but also a promise. After this important decision the choice of Ermes Vianelli as winemaker and technical director of Terre D’Aenòr was a short step. Not only has Ermes dedicated all his life to the vine but more importantly organic is an essential philosophy to him. It means making the best with what nature gives without resorting to artificial components.

Our 100% organic wine production is a challenge and denotes not only a huge commitment to the environment, but above all to the consumer.

Organic is the guiding star for us and Ermes in the wine making process. Human intervention takes place only after a deep knowledge of the lands and never before. We monitor the vineyards and we use organic and natural products, that don’t alter or stress the vine too much, only when absolutely necessary.

We only select grapes in the best condition, we transfer them from the soil to the bottle with as few interventions as possible. As a result, we are able to offer wine with a genuine personality, the ultimate product of the organoleptic properties our land bestows upon its bounty.

We like to call it sensitivity. It’s something that animates us and those looking for a healthy, balanced, and safe wine. It’s something you can feel too, something that pushes you to embrace a new way of interpreting and enjoying sparkling wines.

We believe in a natural rhythm without haste and in the strength of the land without being exploited.
All this results in an excellent organic product.
Is it a utopia? No, it’s simply a lifestyle.

Amedeo Bianchi

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